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The range and versatility of our tipis make them ideally suited for wedding parties. With our selection of tipi sizes and the ability to link the tipis in various ways, we can create the perfect layout to fit with your ideas, location and budget, whilst offering you a wedding party to truly remember.
Below are just a couple of combinations, with some suggested additions, to give you an example of their scope and price.

'Trio' tipi combination

Our example 'Trio' wedding combination offers three linked Big Hat Tipis and two Little Hat tipis. Together they create the foundations for the perfect festival wedding feeling. These might typically accommodates around 120-140 seated guests, depending on the table layout, along with sufficient room for a large dance floor and a bar area utilising a 'Panoramic' section.
The Big Hat tipis can be linked in a line (which forms a slight crescent when more than two are linked this way), in a triangle, or with two Big Hats linked together and a third Big Hat linked via a tunnel for a separate evening entertainment zone.

Our 2023 price

'Duo' tipi combination

For our second example, we have preselected the 'Duo' combination, which might be ideal for a slightly smaller wedding. Here we might offer two linked Big Hat tipis, with a Panoramic section at each end, but still with sufficient space to seat up to a maximum of around 90 guests (again depending on table layout and seating density), and a single Little Hat tipi. There is still space for a bar area, 15ft x 15ft dance floor and small stage, with the Little Hat providing an focal point outside the main linked Big Hat tipis.

Our 2023 price

Bridal suite tipi

If you are having your wedding reception/party at our own venue, then we can offer you our very special Baby Tipi bridal suite. A luxuriously furnished tipi with Queen bed, White Company linen, cosy duvet and occasional furniture. It's perfect for those who wish to stay late at their own party and retreat to somewhere special, set up away from the main tipis.

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We know that the current guidance due to COVID-19 means that weddings in 2020 cannot be as large as the examples above, but if you still wish to marry this year, and are willing to scale back the size of your wedding party, then please have a look at our Smaller Wedding options using the link below. Small can be just as much fun, just on a slightly more intimate scale…..

Smaller Weddings