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The Midi

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About the Midi Tipi

Our Midi tipi is a useful intermediate size which can be integrally linked to a larger Big Hat tipi, used as a stand alone tipi, or linked via a tunnel. In summer, it is possible to roll up two sections creating a wide open front, yet still have a significant sheltered area inside.

Our unique porch extension

Designed specifically for Maypole Tipi, our unique Midi tipi porch extension can increase the sheltered floorspace by an additional 12m², whilst retaining the open side, allowing greater flexibility and possibilities whilst retaining the Midi’s character.

Size and Capacity

The Midi has a 8.4 metre diameter and is in made in the same proportion as the larger Big Hat tipi and smaller Baby tipi. A number of layouts are possible with a maximum of 40 seated guests* within the Midi tipi.

* It is important to note that guest capacity is affected by certain options such as the location and number of entrances, in addition to layout preferences.

Combining the Midi with another tipi

The Midi makes a fantastic centrepiece when linked with other Baby tipis for a memorable party or event, where linked Big Hat tipis may be a little too large. We have used our Midi to great effect for this sort of arrangement, creating individual rooms within the overall layout.

The Midi Tipi is perfect for a smaller party, as an amazing stand alone bar or can be used alongside our Big Hat tipis for when additional space is required.

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