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The Little Hat

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The Little Hat

Unlike our other tipis, the Little Hat tipis are open-sided. They are a superb addition to any outdoor orientated event, and are both visually impressive and provide a useful area to shelter from the heat of the sun or a passing shower. They are deceptively large and have a footprint that is bigger than the Baby Tipi. They do not link to any other tipi, but being open-sided, they are freely accessible from all directions.

Alternatively, you can add vertical back wall panel sections, either in canvas or transparent material, or a combination of the two. 4 of these sections will enclose half a Little Hat through 180˚

Perfect for a small garden party

The Little Hats are extremely popular for garden parties, and for small events where you would like to make a big impression. We can decorate them with our own handmade traditional bunting, fairy lights up and/or around the principle frame structure or drape festoon lights from their peaks. Whatever your event, our Little Hat tipis will certainly impress.

The Little Hat open-sided tipi is both visually impressive and surprisingly big.

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