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Tipi Bars

We are able to create the ideal bar for your outdoor party by using one of our range of smaller tipis. These are available to hire independently from our Big Hat tipis, subject to availability.

When combined of our range of bar structures, they will create a stunning focal point for your event.

Midi tipi bar

Offering plenty of enclosed space, the Midi tipi is ideal for accommodating our largest front & back bar, whilst giving ample space to also place several poseur ‘mushroom’ tables and stools or large whisky barrels. The Midi tipi can either have two of its nine sections opened up, to which we can fit our new front porch extension, creating an open but sheltered entrance, or have the sides down with a single smaller entrance or tunnel, depending on the time of year, or indeed your preference.

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Little Hat tipi bar

If you are looking to host an outdoor social event, then our Little Hat tipi bar creates the perfect focal point. The space beneath a Little Hat is deceptively large, with ample room to situate both a front & back bar combination if needed. We also offer additional Little Hat tipis, should your guests need to shelter from the sun or a passing shower. We can add a sectional back wall, which can either be transparent or canvas, or a combination of both, to provide some shelter within, if required.

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Baby tipi bar

The smallest of our tipi bar options is the Baby tipi bar, which is available with either a matted or sectional wooden floor, and is ideal for just a front bar, when you wish to be more enclosed. Like the larger Midi though, two of the nine front tipi sections can be opened up in summer, if required, or alternatively you can link, via a short tunnel, to one of our larger tipis. This is a good option if you wish to locate the bar separately, away from the main tipi event area. If you think the bar area will be popular though, we suggest using the larger midi tipi for this.

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Bar structure options

The bar is often the heart of an event or party. For this we have a number of bar structure options, depending on the size of tipi chosen.

Front Bar – two depths of front bar are available, both with either one or two ice wells. The larger has significant shelving space for glasses, and both can accommodate a beer tap and barrels. The bar is lit from beneath by selectable colour LED lights.

Back bar – two designs of back bar are available. One has significant storage shelves and space for two or three rows of stacked spirit bottles, whilst the second has less storage, but incorporates one or two ice wells. Both designs are able to support our selection of large retro ‘BAR’ lights which form the backdrop to the bar. Both back bar designs are under lit by selectable colour LED lights.


Our Tipi bar options are a great way of using the smaller tipis within our range to make a big impression.

We know, no two events are ever the same. We therefore can tailor our Tipi bar packages to your needs, with additional tables and benches, along with tall bar tables, stools and barrels. We have other smaller things, for example floor mats, bar mats and coasters, all included within the price, so we will ensure you have everything you might need. And of course, the fairy lights are always included. If you would like to know more, then please do get in touch. We are here to help.

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