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Maypole Tipi terms and conditions (summary)


  1. A booking will be deemed as being confirmed once a non-refundable deposit of £250.00 has been paid.
  2. One year prior to the event, or 6 weeks after the initial booking has been made, if within one year of the event date, 25%, less any deposit already paid, is due.
  3. Six weeks prior to the event the remaining balance is due.
  4. Our prices are not currently subject to VAT, but we reserve the right to charge VAT, where applicable, for all future booking. We will absorb any VAT charges to current confirmed bookings that may become payable for future payments due, with the exception of any VAT increase announced by the government, in which case the difference above the current VAT rate of 20% will become payable by the customer.
  5. We will need to undertake a site visit to confirm access, ground suitability and determine any other hazards or risks that may effect the location and orientation of the tipis.
  6. We are bound by the operational and build wind limits for each configuration as specified by the tipi manufacturer. We reserve the right in severe or forecast severe weather to adjust, or delay the build or take down of the tipis, and if required, to evacuate the tipis if conditions become, or are likely to become dangerous. Our decision is final in this matter and is to ensure your own, your guests and our own safety.
  7. We highly recommend event/wedding insurance for all events and we cannot be held liable for costs incurred for cancellation or delays due to inclement weather or other situations outside of our control.
  8. Strictly no smoking within or under any tipi structure.
  9. All tipis must be free from rubbish, crockery, glassware and personal belonging etc to enable commencement of deconstruction by the beginning of the first working day after the event. Should you not wish to undertake this yourself, we can put you in touch with suitable cleaning service providers.
  10. Obtaining all necessary Entertainment, Temporary Event Notice or other such licences, where applicable, remain the responsibility of the customer and Maypole Tipi Ltd. are not responsible for the failure to apply, withholding, or suspension of any applicable licence and the effect this may cause.
  11. We strive to make your event a fun and enjoyable experience and we will, wherever possible, be pragmatic. We therefore trust our customers will take as similar view, but equally require they will follow our guidance and where necessary ensure their guests act in a responsible manner. Maypole Tipi Ltd will not be held responsible for the actions of customers and guests at events and reserve the right to be reimbursed for any damage to property or equipment caused during the ‘Hire Period’.
  12. The ‘Hire Period’ shall commence from when the first equipment arrives on site until the last equipment is removed from site, where the event is not at our own venue, and five days before the event, until three days after the event, when held at our own venue.

Full terms and conditions are available at the time of booking.