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Small Weddings

We know many engaged couples are re-evaluating their wedding plans, focusing on the aspects that are most important to them.  If you have had to postpone or rearrange your wedding in 2020, have you considered a combination of smaller tipis ?  Maypole Tipi will help you create something intimate, so you can still celebrate in style.

Intimate wedding parties

Don’t think small…….think intimate.

What better way to celebrate your marriage, than with a small number of your closest friends and family. Think how much more time you’ll be able to spend chatting with everybody, and how much it will mean to each of your special guests, to have been invited.

When the restriction on wedding receptions was lifted in England on the 15th August, smaller reception parties for up to 30 people became a reality again for those willing to adapt to the new guidance, and although since 28th September, and for the foreseeable future into this winter, this has been reduced to 15 people in England, we are able to still create something very special for those in tier 1 & 2 areas (including our own venue in tier 1 – medium). In Wales the new lockdown restrictions from Friday 23rd October will understandably prevent wedding receptions for the moment.



Government guidance on wedding receptions

In autumn and winter……

As autumn arrives and we then transition into winter, we will always keep you nice and warm with our own, thermostatically controlled, in-direct heaters.  Provided your local COVID-19 rules allow a fully enclosed tipi to function, just as with other indoor ‘COVID secure’ locations, then a wonderful unique space awaits you.

Our tipis truly come alive at night.  We can link further individual tipis to the main Midi or Big Hat tipi or even have an entrance tipi, complete with antique styled metal coat racks.  Winter tipis are something very special indeed….

In spring and summer…..

As the weather becomes warm enough to be outside, we can use a selection of smaller tipis, maybe in a circle, to provide lots of interest.

A single Little Hat or Midi tipi creates a wonderful Tipi Bar, whilst the Little Hat’s can also proved plenty of space for shade or shelter.  A single Big Hat tipi can have its sides raised, allowing room for 10 ‘socially distanced’ tables if required, each with 2m separation.

How we can help

We know it is very hard to plan ahead right now, so we will of course adapt as your own plans develop.  We will be realistic with what we think will work within the rules, and if the rules change, for better or worse, we will offer you the maximum flexibility, including a full refund if lockdown is reimposed or the rules become too restrictive for you.

Now that small weddings receptions are once again possible in certain areas, we stand ready to adapt to the guidance so that your wedding day will be one to cherish with your guests.

Please do get in touch to discuss your ideas and options.

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