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Floor Plans

One of the best features of tipis is their flexibility. This enables you to create a variety of layouts. We therefore love to work with your ideas to create something that meets with your individual event requirement. Below are some of our most popular layouts, to which we can add additional linked tipis and even a catering tent.

Floor Plan 1

This floor plan shows two linked Big Hat tipis with a Panoramic panel fitted at each end to accommodate a bar and a small stage area. The dance-floor is 15ft square and there is sufficient space to seat a maximum of 88 guests at 11 tables. For a small wedding this is an ideal layout. One side of the link section is raised giving an open aspect.

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Floor Plan 2

For larger events this floor plan shows three linked Big Hat tipis which can accommodate a maximum of 132 guests (6 guests per table).  Two Panoramic sections have been used with the larger bar and associated back bar situated in one of these sections, whilst an area behind the larger 21ft square dance-floor in the other Panoramic panel is perfect for accommodating musicians. In summer one side of the tipis can be opened up, to allow a wide open aspect, if desired.

A catering tent can be linked internally at the rear and there is also the option to place the bar area in either an adjoining Midi tipi linked via a tunnel, or placing it outside under an open-sided Little Hat tipi. Either option can free up additional floorspace in the main tipis for further guest tables.

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Floor Plan 3

This example of 3 Big Hat tipis in a 2+1 configuration, seen here in a winter configuration, is another alternative layout where you keep the dance floor separate, but linked via a tunnel, from the main seating area. This is great for creating more interest by having different zones. Just over 100 guests  (with 6 guests per table)  can be accommodated within this layout. A summer configuration of this layout has the front lifted on the pair of linked Big Hat tipis, as the main entrance.

Not shown, but easily possible, is to have the bar area located in an additional Midi tipi, again linked via a tunnel. This allows additional floor space in the two main linked tipis for further tables, for a larger number of guests.

3 Big Hat tipis can also be linked as an integrated triangle if desired.

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We know from experience no two events are the same……

These floor plans are just a few of the options available using the largest Big Hat tipis. Let Maypole Tipi help you to plan the best layout for your event.

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